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Universal Quick-Release Plate DPG-50R
Model:  DPG-50R
height /length: 
Width /Diameter: 宽度: 50mm
长度: 56mm
厚度: 10/13mm
净重: 43g
螺丝: 1/4"-20
材质: 航空轻质铝
同时兼容雅佳规格,Really Right Stuff 所有夹座(包括其扳扣夹座)
Mounting Hole: 
Max Load: 
Width: 50mm
Length: 56mm
Thickness: 10/13mm
Net Weight: 43g
Screw: UNC1/4"-20
Mounting thread: UNC1/4"
Compatible with all Arca style clamps, Really Right Stuff clamps(including its lever clamps)
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