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XB-44 Review
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Release time:2013-05-15 15:12:00



Sunwayfoto XB-44 Low Profile Ball Head on Benro A296EX        

Keeping always an open eye for new and innovative products, it was in the beginning of 2012 when the completely new Sunwayfoto Low Profile XB Series of ball heads captured my attention, as one of these might be a possible answer to my seeking of a low weight, well balanced, smoothly operating at any angle, yet sturdy ball head.


Last February, SUNWAYFOTOintroduced the new XB Low Profile series to the public, in "2012 PMA@CES", in Las Vegas, U.S.A., raising once again my interest on the product.
Having had a good experience with the

Having had a good experience with the Sunwayfoto DB-36TRLR Traveler ball head urged me to know more about the XB series.
My request for more detailed information on the new Low Profile XB series, led to an invitation by Sunwayfoto headquarters to participate in their Test & Review Program released early last March, which I gladly accepted and applied for. That in turn led to the delivery of a small package at my door by DHL at the end of last April.

The above introduction aims to point out that the XB-44 Low Profile ball head under review is a complementary sample provided directly by Sunway Opto-Electronics (Group) Ltd, in China, for the exact purpose, and for which I paid only for the appropriate import duties and taxes.

Sunwayfoto's course up to now shows clearly their intention to be at the top with the market leaders. Through my little experience with other Sunwayfoto products, their precision, their innovation but also their pricing definitely declares the market placement.

Aiming to the top, makes it far more difficult to build a name, as the competition gets harder.


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