1.General care
Sunwayfoto Ball Head is finished with a protective anodize plating that protects the aluminum from mild abrasion and corrosion. It will not protect it from scraping against or dropping on rocks/concrete/etc.
The Ball Head comes packed in our wooden box with protective foam. Please keep it within the box whenever practical.
The ballhead is lubricated at the factory and parts that require lubrication are sealed. DO NOT LUBRICATE THE BALL as this will decrease the lock-up capacity and tend to attract dirt/dust.
Take whatever precautions you can to prevent your ball head from getting fouled in mud, dirt, or sand. If the ball head is fouled, dry dust and dirt can be blown off and/or wiped off with a soft cloth. Mud or salt water should be lightly rinsed off with fresh water and then thoroughly dried.
DO NOT submerge the ballhead when washing and do not direct a high-pressure stream of water at the ballhead.
If fine sand/grit fouls the knob, simply run a gentle stream of water around the knob while rotating it one-half turn back and forth.
 2.Warranty Service
SUNWAYFOTO guarantee the product fit for the purpose of the design and free of the defects in material and manufacturing workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, as evidenced by the dealer stamped Customer Information Card.                                                                         
Please register your product at our website [www.sunwayfoto.com] to active the warranty extension on your product. Upon successful registration, an additional 5 years of free repair against manufacturing defect will be added to your warranty term. The registration must be done within one (1) month of purchase.
3.Money -back return policy
SUNWAYFOTO provides 7-day money-back guarantee for all of our products. Within 7 days of purchase, defective product will be repaired free of charge, replaced with a product of equal value or be returned for refund (excluding shipping and handling charges).
4. How to clean the ballheads?
Should the ballhead was contaminated by dirt or other foreign materials, please fully loosen the ball locking knob to rotate the ball easily and make it visible. Then use a hair dryer to air purge the ball, and sweep the ball carefully with a clean & soft cloth. After making sure the ball is fully cleaned, tighten the ball locking knob to prevent it from loosening.
Ballhead with screw-knob clamp and with duo-lever clamp could compatible with different plates.
5.About the universal plate
   DP-39,Use for Instamatics or small-sized film and DSLR cameras
DPG-39—Suit for Nikon D80, D90, Canon 550D, 600D and so on
DPG-50-- This plate is suitable for the cameras with bottom width of about 50mm,suit for cameras with Canon 5DII without battery grip, 5D, 7D, and so on.  
DPG-50U--Canon50D、5D、5DII、7D、1D series、1DS series,Nikon D200,D300,D700
6.Are your plates compatible with plates of other plates?
With arca-swiss dovetail, Dovetail is 39mm wide, can amount onto Markins, Arca-swiss, photo clam, and so on.
7.How to choose Universal L bracket?
DPL-01 fit Nikon D80,D300,D7000,Canon 5D2 without battery grip.
DPL-02—fit Canon 60D, Nikon D80,D300,D7000, CanonEOS5DMark2 without battery grip.
DPL-03—fit Nikon D80,D700,D7000,CanonEOS7D.
DPL-04---fit Nikon D80,D700,D7000,Canon EOS7D,5DII.
8.Can your clamps be mounted onto ball heads of other brands?
Our clamps can be mounted onto the ball head with mounting screw UNC 3/8-16 & UNC 1/4-20 accordingly.